October 24, 2020

Hello world! I finally started writing and I hope to be able to keep doing so on a consistent basis.

This is not the first blog that I start, but it is the first one that gets me as excited as I am with this new venture. It probably has to do with having a more mature set of interests now, and knowing that programming and in particular, web development is one of the most important items in that set.

What’s in It for You

If you happen to have a keen interest in solving interesting problems using Javascript, Python and related technologies, while being as effective and productive as possible, then, chances are that you’ll find something of value here.

I’ll be documenting new things I learn in my personal journey as a developer, and I’ll make my best to provide as much value as possible in every post I write.

Final Thoughts

If this looks like something you’d like to keep an eye on, you can do so following @lualdev on Twitter.

I’ll be posting weekly-ish, see you in the next post! :).

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